Roses: Most Loved Flower Of All Time


Roses were already used for quite some time. Historic accounts would tell you that they were already around about 35 million years ago. As of today roses continue to thrive, some grow on the wild while others are grown in gardens. If you’ll try to trace where its cultivation started, it would be rooted in one of the biggest countries in Asia. This type of flower was also loved by Romans. They are also cultivated in the Middle East. This was also use to symbolize two groups in a particular country that are in war due to territorial dispute. The first group makes use of a white rose while the other one make use of red rose. This has somehow created a mark in the history and this was called “War of the Roses”. During also in 1700’s roses were used in association with perfume which was quite poplar that time. And when 1800’s come fourth they spread like a wildfire in European countries.

There are four species of roses that were used before and in this time and age. These include the following, Hardy Repeat-Blooming Old Roses, Old European Garden Roses, Species Roses, and Modern Roses. The Species Rose is what is known as the primitive or the original type of rose that existed in the planet, it has 5 petals and vibrant colors. The growing season for this type of rose is the early parts of summer.

As of today these roses are still present in the northern parts of the world. This type of dozen roses comes in different sizes, some are ground types, and others are more of climbing plants and upright plants. As of today, the most prevalently sold type of rose commercially is the Rosa rugosa.  As of today, roses are quite popular as way to express one’s affection to other people it could be a mother’s day roses or long stem roses for your special someone.

Old European Garden Roses, these are the types of roses that are found in the Europe during the eighteenth century before a new type of roses were discovered. This new type or rose is called Cheniesis which was found in China. This type of rose is quite unique because it blooms repeatedly from the onset of autumn and the end summer. As for the old European Garden Roses, the most distinguishing attribute that they have is their fragrance and their ability to resist cold temperature.


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